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  • Lenovo DaystAR Augmented Reality Headset Revealed, New Concept

    lenovo augmented reality daystar

    lenovo augmented reality headset Recently Lenovo has revealed a new augmented reality headset that can take the type of the Lenovo DaystAR a an optical display having an separate vision processing unit. lenovo daystar augmented reality headset DaystAR comes with an optical display with an unbiased vision processing unit and free-formed surface lenses supplying a […] More



    Lenovo and Disney have partnered to build their particular trademarked headset for augmented reality.STAR WARS JEDI CHALLENGES The brand new AR headset says it will deliver Star Wars to life with new unique games. At the D23 Expo in Anaheim, Disney revealed a short video featuring the game’s concepts, including significant ground battles regarding soldiers […] More

  • Front Defense VR is finally on Steam

    front defence steam vr steam

    front defense vr steam review It’s The Second World War and also the cinema of war is going to invited a new act to the level. With all the Normandy intrusion over it’s now as much as the related forces to start reclaiming swathes of Europe still within the heel of the despicable Nazi’s jackboot. […] More

  • Exynos VR – Samsung’s very first VR Headset Experiment

    exynos vr images

    Many experts have just recently stated that Samsung are planning to use the VR eye-tracking technology created by Visual Camp. The Visual Camp eye-tracking system has become optimized for mobile VR use, and a news release about the deal exposed that Samsung are intending to use the technology as an element of its upcoming Exynos […] More

  • Google reveals Blocks, a 3D modeling program designed for VR

    Google block vr app

    Google desires to streamline content creation in VR in order that individuals have additional pretty things to examine and create.Blocks Google VR App Download The company’s VR painting app Tilt Brush happens to be one of their most-finessed achievements and after this Google is introducing a new app that enables users to produce 3D objects […] More

  • Dragon Ball Z Super VR Game Is Coming To Japan This June

    Dragon ball z super saiyan

    Dragon ball z super saiyan Dragon ball z vr release date is not confirm but coming in June. By the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, to PlayStation VR, to smartphones providing virtual reality on the run, people have been indulged for selection regarding experiencing and enjoying the expected “next generation” of video gaming.dragon ball z new […] More

  • How To Play Games on Oculus Rift Using vorpX

    can oculus rift be used with ps4

    You will discover numerous ways for playing the vast majority of games in VR and Oculus: The moment dealing with virtual reality, people are excited regarding the tech and enjoyment it gives, but everyone is restricted to enjoy only games that will be created for Virtual Reality. Still these day there are ways to make […] More

  • VR Headsets for Note 4

    VR Headsets for Note 4

    It is really an interesting opportunity to be an owner of a initial HMDs, next. That’s if you do not have the first pioneer version of the product.VR Headsets for Note 4 Samsung designed its premium VR headset Gear VR for the Galaxy Note 4 within the last stage of 2014. Immediately after that, the […] More

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