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Look into This ‘Call of Duty: Jackal Assault’ VR Mission Gameplay video

Call of Duty continues to be, in 2016, one of several premiere gaming companies. Every year, an innovative new entry in the long-running show provides the industry by storm, selling an incredible number of copies in just a few days. This present year is positioned to be exactly the same with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare launching shortly on all leading gaming platforms.

Activision also revealed that the Jackal Assault VR mission they came out during the Call of Duty XP occasion would be accessible as a free download for all PS VR owners that buy a copy of Infinite Warfare on PS4. While it’s simply a single demo mission, the reality that a major gaming company like Activision produced something anyway for VR of that quality is popular.

Today, in the video clip below, you can observe actual hands-on footage of people performing the Jackal Assault VR mission at the XP event. You will see the comprehensive cockpits and immersive environment which was designed for the big event, exhibiting a serious focus on information.

“VR is new, so it takes a lot of patience to see how far we can push this,” says Suarez. Our focus has really been on trying to make it feel like you are in the atmosphere. I think there is a desire and curiosity of ‘What can we do here?’ And once you put on a VR headset, the immersion, the depth, and the ‘Where can I go?’ is really still open today. And I think we’re really at that pinnacle of where things are just starting.”Vice President of Production on the Call of Duty series.

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