4 Weird Virtual Reality Headsets

Weird Virtual Reality headset

Using the brand new technologies comes infinite providers looking to uncover the successful formula which makes their design the gold standard for the trade. Virtual reality is perhaps all too familiar with this trend. Many efforts at the perfect VR headset has lead to some truly awful designs that’ll give you serious night-terrors. Here are some of the strangest virtual reality head-mounted shows we can easily discover. Just as before, the next headsets are/were REAL functioning pieces of technology that a real person signed-off on:

Weird Virtual Reality Headsets



The 3D Head launched as well in 2015 as not just the ‘largest VR headset,’ but as the ‘Oculus-killer’ besides. Since you have likely not heard of this product before this article, I believe it is secure to think 3D Head didn’t precisely satisfy all its claims.



I’m sure, I Am Aware. It is been overcome inside ground so many times, but exactly how could I compose a list within the craziest/worst headset designs and not add the device that single-handedly provided me with the back problems of a 65 year old. The Virtual Boy was launched by Nintendo August 16th, 1995 and ruined by the people August 17th, 1995…

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The Toshiba Bubble Helmet is most likely the best choice to this list. Most likely considering that the headset makes you appear like you ran head-first into the base of an old-school television set. This not-so-subtle piece of content offered its consumers a 360-panorama when playing video games or watching videos on pre-existing televisions. Humor away the opportunity to instantly ship a 360 degree experience to any medium is really quite cool. There have been also a number of improvements in the works that included functions such as head-tracking, but the project gone black before getting to the public.



The Virtual IO I-Glasses were most popular (640×480 resolution) once they created their first debut in 1995 and were one of only a few virtual reality systems accessible to people at that time. While its lightweight and ergonomic design made it comfy to wear, it’s complex system of heavy wires and absurdly-large power supply made it less-than attractive. Add on the reality that the headset makes all the user seem like a cheezy space-cop from a bad 80’s sci-fi movie along with a product that was condemned from the beginning.

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