5 Best Virtual Reality Games For Android APK


Google Cardboard and VR overall are beginning to turn into an important subject. It’s growing the most recent stage for completely immersive applications and games that demonstrate you all sorts of stuff and allow you to do almost everything. Do you find it the next big thing in news entertainment? Potentially, until then it’s quite young. Let’s check out the best Virtual Reality Games For Android available to you now!

House of Terror VR FREE

   House of Terror VR FREE- screenshot

House of Terror: Valerie’s Revenge is a Virtual Reality game where you will need to search through dark environments stuffed with traps and creatures. Solve the puzzles, find hints and mainly do not the captured .

Subway Surfing VR

   Subway Surfing VR- screenshot

A storm has strike New York City and flooded the subway system! Fortunate for you, you delivered your surfboard. Jump ahead of the wave and ride by the subway tunnels without going down! The game makes use of your device’s accelerometer to track your balance.

Get together with your fellow commuters and compete keenly against the other subway lines to determine what line has the best balance! For an additional obstacle, play while standing up as you ride the subway. But then again!

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Insidious VR

   Insidious VR- screenshot

Insidious VR is, undoubtedly a campaign for the Insidious movies but the VR experience it offers is really pretty intense and does well to display from the power of VR. You have a voice guided tour of the afterlife in horrifying way. It’s slightly short however it is a completely free application. It’s best for a short-term download and it’s undoubtedly good for revealing to friends who will be curious about watching VR.


   Hardcode (VR Game)- screenshot

Hardcode is a more recent VR game and another of the few that needs both a VR headset and a controller game pad. This is a third person shooter in which you march by way of a campaign and kill many criminals. Moreover it supports local multiplayer and that means you can create VR battle along with your friends in identical area. It’s a lot of fun even though you absolutely will need to have a controller to play it which can cost you extra.

Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue

   Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue- screenshot

Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue, the replacement to a single of the most extremely favored Cardboard apps, “Lamper VR: First Flight” is now in the market on Google Cardboard for Free! Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue is actually a wonderful new immersive 3D experience that you need to see to imagine.
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