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How to Shoot 360-Degree Video Like a Pro

so far, virtual reality footage could simply be created using 1 of 2 extremes: high-end rigs priced at thousands and need to have a film degree to determine, or inexpensive cameras with additional blur than a Britpop event.

Video taken with Gear 360

The splashing- and dust-resistant Samsung Gear 360 camera is a necessary Goldilocks alternative: It’s smaller compared to a baseball and combines pro-level HD video with a consumer-friendly selling price, and footage is quickly editable (once paired with find Samsung smartphones, of course).

Top view of Gear 360

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Don’t be false: a reliable 360-degree camera for the people is a huge deal—especially when brand new YouTube and Facebook features also let people discover these videos using their web browser. “Much more consumer 360 cameras made available, more content makers provides us past the existing landscape of kitsch and cliché,” says Dillon Morris, a director at Pivot Studio, which produces 360 content material.

Images credit: samsung

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