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Download: Unpublished Gear VR games from Oculus’ Mobile VR Jam

The people at Oculus would like to fuel game programming for the Samsung Gear VR. For this, they hosted collectively a tiny bit contest they’re calling Mobile VR Jam 2015. The contest guaranteed well over $1,000,000 in prizes in return for developer team’ hard work, with all the top developers actually awarded a $200,000 cash prize. Really, that will get a countless ramen.

Over 1,000 developers from all around the entire world provided and after four weeks Gear VR games from Oculus, Oculus is able to declare their top selections. If you are seeking to check out some interesting new content on your Samsung Gear VR pioneer Edition, you concerned the right site. All champions have delivered a download link to their apps where they are able to simply be downloaded and personally installed to your Android unit. Let’s have a look at the very best winners. vr games apk download

SteamCrew VR

SteamCrew VR is an exclusive steam igniter styled game that needs 2-player co-op to pilot an underwater submarine. You will have to download the game on each Gear VR (hopefully you do have a free scattered about) and yell out instructions to another player to prevent landscapes or fire torpedoes. The title will not Oculus’ top award for VR game, coming up the development team a cool $100,000. Sounds just like a incredible good time.


DRIFT is a self-proclaimed bullet simulator. Player control bullets as they discover their target: the challenging green man. In order to make things better (or even more impressive), players can slow down time to a examine to be able to guide a bullet around difficulties. With an exceptional visual style, this one’s got VR created throughout it.


Daydream Blue

Seeing that not all game is focused on action, Daydream Blue provides players on a relaxing fishing vacation to the lake. With your pet robot on your side, you will catch fish, watch the clouds out of your boat, or perform fetch along with your robot. Sounds like the most perfect weekend trip.


VR is outstanding medium for revealing stories. Colosse delivers rich storytelling to the Gear VR in a thing that kinda reminds of the game Shadow of the Colossus. Users require only to direct their gaze to make experience of everything happening around them. Merely put, it looks awesome. Just remember this is a preview version rather than the complete game. oculus games apk

Scorched Battalion

If you are searching for some slower moving action, destroyed army unit seems to have you covered. It’s essentially a VR version of the classic Scorched Earth turn-based game tank game in a table-top, WORLD WAR TWO setting. Sound interesting? Take a look at video above to check out how it works in action.


Neuralgia VR

If you are searching for something more away from your VR headset than simply meaningless enjoyment, Neuralgia might be precisely what you are searching for. An “asymmetrical co-op game,” both you and a friend get together to make experience of clues and solve puzzles. Simply do not pull each other’s hair out.


If you have constantly desired to go through the life of a warden, Panopticon ultimately makes it happen. You will have to keep your cautious eye on inmates to ensure their captivity, and be sure nobody escapes on your shift. You will also get to use a whistle!

Speech Center

Speech Center is surely an incredibly exclusive VR experience that appears to help you professional public speaking. It lets you do this by putting you in a large room full men and women while a mentor will provide you with tips on enhancing your speaking expertise. It’s seriously quite brilliance.

Atop the Wizard’s Tower

What platform might possibly be in depth without having a trusty designed tower defense game. In on top of the Wizard’s Tower, players must react an oncoming legion of opposition — all while seated comfortably atop their tower, away from harm’s way.

Maiden Chaos VR

Maiden Chaos is a top-down, run n’ gun shooter put in tomorrow. You essentially control a little woman in a red jumpsuit as she blasts robots in a armed forces compound. That one demands the Samsung Gamepad controller, so ideally you’ve got that handy.
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