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Oculus Rift Minecraft Mod Is Now Officially Supported By Microsoft

Microsoft unveiled official support for Minecraft on the Oculus Rift VR headset, creating effective on a promise which was created 11 months ago. That official support, conversely, aided result in the end of a well known mod that’s been permitting players experience Minecraft regarding the Rift consistently now.

Oculus Rift Minecraft Mod Is Now Legal If..

“Given that Microsoft/Mojang have created VR support for MCPE/Win10 Minecraft, these are typically working out their legal rights over our unofficial mod (Minecrift),”
mod co-creator mabrowning wrote on Reddit.

I received notice a few days ago that I can no longer use the name ‘Minecrift’ or the minecraft-vr.com domain. I’ve already shutdown the website, but anyone who wants to get a copy of the code should grab it from GitHub before that goes offline, too.

Soon after in the thread, mabrowning responded to that Microsoft’s issue was basically with the name of the Minecrift project and the minecrift-vr.com domain that hosted it. Becoming sensible to Microsoft, names like Minecrift and Minecraft-VR perform frequently carry a higher possibility of getting legally wrongly identified as the new official “Minecraft for Rift” program.

Even though the mod alone may have proceeded development within a various name, mabrowning said he’s made a decision to closed Minecrift instead of go down that path. The main reason is because of competing VR mod Vivecraft, which was constructed on top of Minecrift and also works closely with the Rift through the OpenVR standard. Mabrowning states Vivecraft “is better in every way,” obviating the necessity for his mod.


The carried on presence of Vivecraft will likely be greeting news to the countless people that still have fun with the original, Java version of Minecraft. That is because Microsoft’s official Rift support is bound to the Windows 10 edition of the game, a C++-based fork that was in line with the mobile Pocket Edition. It’s the most recent feature divide amongst the two extant, “official” PC versions of the game, a situation of issues has led to concern for fans considering that the Windows 10 edition was initially launched a year ago.

The new Rift support for Minecraft uses the April release of Minecraft: Gear VR Edition.

You can downloadMinecraft for Rift on the Oculus Store here and upgrade to the full version, in game for $9.99. It’s also available as a free update for all existing Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Betaowners.

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