4 Best Free VR Public Speaking Apps To Build Confidence


Speaking in public is the only most common phobia, based on several research. Now, virtual reality offers a low-stress solution to conquer this fear and enhance speaking abilities.

Additionally, it may help organizations in the industry of public speaking training and physicians whose customers have relevant difficulties.

Right here are some VR Public Speaking applications to use.

1.Public Speaking VR

Real looking VR education system for job interviews and public speaking activities. Check it out free-of-charge for  for Android, iOS and Gear VR.

Immerse yourself in the culture and language of a different country through virtual reality.

Public Speaking VR app in use on Nexus Mobile with conference room

The company will undoubtedly be creating a TedTalk Room,a 360-degree VR training room, anda employment interview simulator.


Samsung’s BeFearless, free for the Gear VR, was released this past year to assist people exercise public speaking with the $99 Gear VR headset. It functions just like the Virtual Orator in that it simulates a number of audience types, and also the user can exercise speaking and presenting, but at a considerably less expensive.

“I sweat and forget what I have to say,” said Salminaz. “Honestly, making eye contact makes me feel terrible.”


Image courtesy Samsung

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3.Speech Center VR

Cerevrum Inc‘s Speech Center VR costs nothing for the Gear VR, with iOS, Android, and Oculus Rift versions anticipated soon. It enables users to rehearse speaking in social, academic, and public speaking surroundings.

Image Courtesy of Cerevrum

“Not only will we have new lessons and locations for practicing, we will turn it from a mere public speaking simulator to a full-scale communication platform,” Olga Peshe, the company’s chief academic officer, told Hypergrid Business.

Designed capabilities consist of press conference rooms, wedding pavilions, and interactive public speaking workouts.

4.Public Speaking Simulator VR

AncientC’s Public Speaking Simulator VR is free of charge for iOS, Android, and also the Oculus platform,  and it is a compact replacement for one other applications within the list.

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