Battlezone for PlayStation VR (Review)


We required a very long time for that review of Battlezone. Not because the game can be quite complicated, but also becasue the game is extremely complicated. We’ve been quaking and praying for quite some time, in order that we can simply survive the battle. However, the high difficulty amount is also a definite chance for the game.

Battlezone for PlayStation VR

Battlezone for PlayStation VR

The game is an arcade tank game, where you can master various missions and then end the final boss. There is no real story. When you start the game, you can choose how long the campaign should go and how high the difficulty level should be. But do not mind, because for the entrance “easy” will put you clearly to the test.

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If you have made the selection, you will see a spike with small individual hexes.Every hexagon symbolizes a mission and your tank must find its way to the other side of the game. Some fields offer certain missions that will weaken the final boss or upgrade your tank. With every mission played, the Endboss also plays a mission and becomes stronger. So you have to decide if you choose the direct way, or even play a few extra missions


However it is tricky you can purchase new life, but you can count on the whole game. If you have lost all lives, then the complete game is lost and you have to resume completely. This principle makes the game challenging and exciting, but it can be quite annoying. We have used several attempts to get to the “last” level only once.

While you will be publishing new tanks and new hardware in the course of the game, they will not make the game any easier. The tricky thing is that your tank always starts with the basic equipment. Weapons and upgrades you must always work hard.


The game is optically easy and sprinkles outstanding retro appeal. This could be that the design doesn’t get your interest, however the design is developed. You move in a short time through the game and with a more complicated representation, you would quickly lose the overview. In addition, the standard of the world is obviously also restricted by the overall performance of the PlayStation 4. We prefer a simple look, rather than a pressured realistic look, and that is extremely hard with the present technology.

Battlezone for PlayStation VR

Basically, the game would rapidly get boring if the difficulty were low. Even though the missions are aimlessly dispensed, the content is often fairly the same. You kill all enemies, turn off the opponent base, defend your base, safeguard a procession, or destroy a convoy. As a result of the high difficulty level, the designers force you to tact and bite the teeth. So the game takes you quite a while, since you want to unlock the new Panzerklassen and necessarily come out winning from a match. After a couple of hours we’ve not lost the fun of the game.

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  • Story / game – 75%
  • Immersion – 90%
  • Optics – 75%
  • VR comfort – 85%
  • Replayability – 80%
81% Total.


Battlezone is a game for those who don’t give up so quickly. The difficulty level is massive and will require anything from you. Nevertheless, the game is wonderfully developed and it quite a bit of fun when you understand that you are gradually improving.

Source: vrnerds