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Dlodlo V1: The smallest VR glasses for your PC

VR headsets are not Awesome. They’re chunky ski mask-like goggles with a screen and lenses that you strap to your head with elastic bands.


In IFA 2016 was dlodlo spot features its Dlodlo V1 VR goggles displayed. The glasses are meant to be the smallest VR glasses on the market today and yet even effective. Could be the program going on?

Dlodlo V1 The smallest VR glasses

The Dlodlo V1 headset features a personalized design. The style is not really something for everybody. But even if you love the form factor, unfortunately, the design also offers some problems that are instantly noticeable after the set. There’s a lot of light arriving from below, the VR glasses were not anyway secure and safe on the nose, and positional tracking currently is completely furnished with.

Dlodlo V1 2

But is excellent to state that the image impression is quite in order. He can not keep up with the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift, but theoretically one could live with it. Also the built-in display ensures that you can hardly recognize pixels and offers a field of view of 105 degrees. Sadly, the comfort but so unhappy that the VR experience absolutely no fun had brought. In addition, the team had no special experience in the luggage, but showed different 360 degree shots. Pity! In theory, the principle of glasses sounded quite exciting.

Therefore, the Dlodlo V1 has deceived us to begin with and we don’t believe that this concept is going to work in the current form. So, if you’ve been playing with the Virtual Reality Headset, you should look into it better. Presently the VR glasses look more guaranteeing, also from the data, as it is in reality. Unfortunately, we can not discover why such a headset is included in the program and should be sold if there are obvious failing that nobody can overlook.


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