‘Google Earth VR’ Releases For Free That Allows You To Travel Around The Globe


Google Earth VR is an unexpected project from Google’s Geo team that’s getting both revealed and introduced today. This is actually the team behind Google Maps and the first Google Earth. The students has spent the greater part of a decade gathering and cataloging an indecent level of visual data throughout the planet. Today, all that information is getting used to produce a VR experience that will elevates almost anyplace in the world you need to go.

Google Earth Team: ‘We’ve accidentally been developing one of the ultimate content libraries for VR without even realizing it.’




Google Earth VR’s biggest locomotion system is flight. Podwal revealed that his team didn’t think the typical locomotion systems of teleportation or joystick hiking works for this specific project. They really want you feeling and don’t forget the journeys you are taking as you enjoy every part of the areas you are discovering. At first, the feeling provides you with a comfort mode in which your FOV is simplified as you fly to decrease simulator sickness. This is often disabled in the options selection for people who like more uninhibited traversal.

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Google Earth VR is just like little else currently available. the scope and total viewpoint are among the VR scene’s first really immersive areas. Almost always there is a game to play or a movie to watch within a VR headset, but you’ll find not too many places at this stage just to be. Google Earth VR is among the first and, up to now, it’s really ideal.

The app is now available for free on the HTC Vive. Once inquired about support for other platforms, like the Oculus Rift, Podwal mentioned that the team was definitely looking into ports but had nothing to declare.