TwoEyes: First Binocular 360° VR 4K Camera

TwoEyes VR 360 camera

TwoEyes VR can easily livestream to Facebook and YouTube along with recording video on its onboard storage space.


TwoEyes VR comes with two unique modes. When you start recording, when you take TwoEyes VR vertically, it will probably shoot using just two lenses in “One-eye Mode.” basically, this can shoot movies in the same manner as other 360° cameras available on the market.


Controls TwoEyes VR manually by using its easy two-button shooting controls or remotely with the partner application. When you are complete recording, you’re able to modify it into various modes (VR, 360° or 3D).

As long as other 360° digital cameras feature VR performance, these are typically only in a position to be the cause of the separation between your eyes with an algorithm. Mostly, other 360° cameras basically copy similar image and move it a set wide range of millimeters apart. TwoEyes VR may be the first camera loaded with couples of lenses to match to each eye, enabling you to capture your watching reality exactly in the same manner as your eyes!


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