Rick and Morty in VR is simply as crazy and brilliant as their comedy..Now Experience 3D Rick-ality

Rick and Morty in VR

Rick and Morty, for all those strange, is really a hysterical cartoon on Adult Swim that views its two top characters continue progressively outrageous adventures with every new episode. Coming from a theme park within a dying hobo to a fantastic planet driven by Rick’s hive mind ex-partner, no insane position may be out of bounds with this series. Appellation character Rick relies on a multitude of equipment during the his journey and that’s where Virtual Rick-Ality makes a difference. Played as a duplicate of his grandson Morty and so are assigned with helping each of them from Rick’s garage as they begin an adventure.

rick and morty vr experience Video

At Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, which can now be purchased for HTC Vive and Oculus Touch, Owlchemy offers, with Roiland’s assistance, done all it discovered from Job Simulator and produced something special more processed lacking shedding its playful style. And more importantly, it has something that Job Simulator miss: an experience you will desire to complete.

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