VR Headsets for Note 4

VR Headsets for Note 4

It is really an interesting opportunity to be an owner of a initial HMDs, next. That’s if you do not have the first pioneer version of the product.VR Headsets for Note 4

Samsung designed its premium VR headset Gear VR for the Galaxy Note 4 within the last stage of 2014. Immediately after that, the business established an additional version of the headset with sophisticated functions to be suitable for its Galaxy flagship device. The space amongst the launch of both the Gear VR gadgets offers get the massive popularity.best vr headset for note 4

After original Gear Vr there is just one option we found so far for note 4 for is google cardboard.

Google Cardboard

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If anyone has told you that your QHD screen toting Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is needlessly high resolution – stick it in a Google Cardboard headset and ask them again. For the dedicated VR headsets, I suspect the resolution will have to go still higher to banish the visible pixels for good, but we now have a lovely sharp image to go with those smooth animations.dependentongadgets.com


Gear VR

I bought Gear VR (Note 4 Innovator Edition) for less than USD 125 & it’s awesome.
I compared it with Cardboard…..It is Night & Day different.
The Immersive feeling, the experience….everything is WAY BETTER when using Gear VR.
I play some games (4) on Gear VR & it’s very comfortable, way MORE COMFORTABLE compared to Cardboard.
I tried a few more games for Cardboard & NONE of them nearly as comfortable as Gear VR games (I get nauseated only after a few seconds of playing any Cardboard games that I tried…..6 games).
The only Gear VR game that I tried & it made me nauseated is Temple Run.
Movie experience is also the same. Cardboard movie screen seems to have a tendency to “move” to the right very slowly so I have to re-orient the screen many times.
All of Cardboard experiences stutter a lot due to lack of additional sensors.
So IMHO my USD 125 is well spent d4rkkn16ht xda developer

Durovis Dive 5 may include note 4 in future.

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