How To Play Games on Oculus Rift Using vorpX

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You will discover numerous ways for playing the vast majority of games in VR and Oculus:

The moment dealing with virtual reality, people are excited regarding the tech and enjoyment it gives, but everyone is restricted to enjoy only games that will be created for Virtual Reality. Still these day there are ways to make it easier to play any game in VR. This informative guide will assist you to play any game in VR with Oculus Rift. many people ask can oculus rift be used with ps4, 😛 xbox one vr?


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VorpX is just one of the softwares that allows you to play almost all of the games in VR.

A simple installed for VorpX using Oculus:

  • First Download the software:
  • Just after the download run the installation setup and continue with the installation methods that are really simple

Configuration FOV for the game

Lots of games could have this particular feature already setup for VR and may appear amazing.Then again a number of the games do not handle the FOV for VR which means you will likely need to get it set up. Here are some things you can do:

  • Arrange the FOV to 120 inside the game settings
  • Setup FOV from VorpX with Game Settings Optimizer (VorpX configuration app) for games that can be supported
  • Use FOV mods straight into the game folder
  • Modify an ini file of the game or apply some 3rd party tool to do similar for you

Create Head Tracking

  • It becomes an important thing you should adjust perfectly to enjoy a well experience. VorpX on it’s own sets up the Head Tracking speed through the mouse sensitivity place you’ve got set up for your game. Whether it does not sense organic when you move your head all-around, you will need to modify the Head Tracking Sensitivity from the VropX in-game menu.

Create 3D-Mode

  • VorpX offers Stereo 3D utilizing two ways: Z-Buffer 3D and Geometry 3D. Most of the games are utilizing Z-Buffer 3D, simply because own twice the efficiency of Geometry 3D, but Geometry 3D contains the most realistic 3D experience.
  • That choice you need to use? Z-Buffer 3D of course simply because higher framerate is actually significantly more essential than great Stereo 3D.

In case you don’t wish to purchase vorpX, Vireio Perception will be your another choice.

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