Hapto vr heptic device


SAN FRANCISCO, May 31st—Hapto, a Singapore-based VR startup, created its Indiegogo campaign. A virtual reality controller different from any other in the field, Hapto offers practical haptic impact for its users. With Hapto users can do some movement in VR: touch, hold, or throw things, deftly handle weapons, and encounter a virtual room as if it were real. Among the biggest advantages of the Hapto controller is that it is quite simple to use; the user merely has to put it on and you can use right away. Hapto works with PCs and Android devices, also top VR headsets and platforms, such as Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, HTC Vive, Google Daydream, and Merge VR Goggles. Hapto will likely be available in the market at $249 USD, but the reduced early-bird price within the campaign is $149 USD.

A month left and the success is:

$18,670 USD raised by 142 backers
75% of $25,000
This unique motion controller is totally different from Oculus Touch, Vive wands, or VR gloves. Hapto looks a lot more like a wristband for the hand. Inside are 20 ‘pushers’ designed to press up against the palm of your hand to simulate touching objects in VR. Additionally, there are 4 buttons to the end of the controller to suit your fingers to press.

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“Hapto is meant to open up the VR possibilities we’ve all been dreaming about. It’s the sci-fi world come true,” said Alexander Khromenkov, CEO and Founder of Hapto. He added, “For many years we studied the latest medical research on how the human brain forms tactical feelings. Once we understood the science, we created a system that fully reproduces the impact on the brain when a person interacts with an object. You put Hapto on, start a VR game or app, and experience such a realistic haptic effect that you may even forget you’re in virtual reality.”


Hapto vr heptic device Hapto vr heptic device Hapto vr heptic device Hapto vr heptic device Video_cover

Simple Setup

About Hapto

Hapto was founded in 2012 by Alex Khromenkov and Vlad Lukashevich—both experts in IT development and sensor-neural reprogramming. Combining their experience with the latest medical research, technical innovations, and a belief that VR presents a full hand of opportunities for the whole world, they decided to exclude the only thing that stopped VR from being 100% usable and perceivable—the absence of haptic feelings. In 2013, they created the first Hapto prototype controller providing full interaction with the VR space. Now, Hapto is ready to introduce the next generation of VR controllers with a realistic haptic effect and complete interaction with any objects. Simple in usage and integration (considering ready-to-add SDK), the Hapto controller is set up to become a new stage in VR, not just in gaming but in every sphere of VR and AR.


For more information, visit http://hapto.me or follow Hapto on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/hapto.me/.

Early bird backers have the opportunity to obtain a Hapto for $129 plus shipping costs, while the standard edition costs $149. The market price, at the same time, will be $249. Estimated shipping is in March 2018.