Google reveals Blocks, a 3D modeling program designed for VR

Google block vr app

Google desires to streamline content creation in VR in order that individuals have additional pretty things to examine and create.Blocks Google VR App Download

The company’s VR painting app Tilt Brush happens to be one of their most-finessed achievements and after this Google is introducing a new app that enables users to produce 3D objects making use of tools created especially for the virtual reality environment.

Blocks, you’ll find now for free for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift (no dice for Daydream owners), provides the simplicity of Tilt Brush and injects it into 3D object modeling, permitting people build, export and share cool little blocky designs to the internet easily.

Google block 3d models in vr

When your creation is ready, you can export it as an OBJ to use in AR or VR apps you’re developing. You can also share it to the web or generate an animated gif. Explore other people’s creations at for inspiration or as a starting point for your own remix.