Exynos VR – Samsung’s very first VR Headset Experiment

exynos vr images

Many experts have just recently stated that Samsung are planning to use the VR eye-tracking technology created by Visual Camp. The Visual Camp eye-tracking system has become optimized for mobile VR use, and a news release about the deal exposed that Samsung are intending to use the technology as an element of its upcoming Exynos VR headset.exynos vr samsung first vr headset

Visual Camp’s eye-tracking system provides “foveated rendering”, which allows people to watch on an object having a sharpened view. To allow them to understand scene 100% clearly while the other parts are decreasing. This choice is essential for both AR and VR sectors to be able to avoid from unwanted heat.

Visual Camp stated that it is organized to feature more options into Exynos VR including facial and sound identification, together with hand tracking functions. Samsung showcased about the Exynos 3 throughout MWCS 2017, in which Visual Camp was revealing its eye-tracking strategy.

Born2Global CEO JongKap Kim declared that the current collection of these giants like Google, Facebook, and Apple revealed that they are interested in utilizing eye-tracking technologies in VR. Furthermore, In June 2017 Apple bought SMI a company offering eye-tracking solutions.