Virtual Reality Game Undertake Dementia.. Research says

sea hero quest vr

It was designed to test among the first things to choose dementia – the opportunity to navigate.Virtual Reality Game Dementia

The initial smartphone app had 3 million gamers, however the move to virtual reality should permit experts to research in greater detail.

Alzheimer’s Research UK states the objective is a different way of figuring out the disease.

In the virtual world of Sea Hero Quest VR you captain a ship.

The task is to use your feeling of path to chart a training course through complicated waterways, desert islands and frozen oceans.Alzheimer vr game

The value for us is to create this much richer dataset, we’re capturing 15 times more data from the VR version because we’re separating out where the head looks and where the boat’s moving.

Max Scott-Slade, within the computer game developers Glitchers, featured research scientists at University College London, University of East Anglia and ETH Zurich.

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He told the BBC: “It’s interesting to try to make something that’s normally quite a boring subject matter, and lab-based, and bring it to the public and make it as fun as possible.

Map of abilities

Image copyright UCL Image caption The deeper the colour, the stronger the country’s navigational ability

Prof Christophe Hoelscher, president of cognitive science at ETH Zurich, stated: “No project ever has collected data from 3 million people of real interactions in this depth.

That allows us to do a number of analyses that you would never be able to do with classical studies.

The group cannot look forward to the same number of people to use the virtual reality update – VR headsets aren’t as popular as smart phones.

Then again, they do expect to get far more data than would ever be feasible in the research laboratory.