TPCAST Wireless Vive Add-on Perceptions

vive wireless tpcast

Instead of introducing a new version of the Vive, HTC will publish a collection of formal and licensed components in 2017 to improve the working platform. The absolute most expected among these — in the event that because it was revealed a year ago — is the TPCast wireless adapter, which allows you to make use of the headset without having to worry about the long trail of wires between the headset as well as your PC. tpcast wireless adapter for htc vive

Being an evidence of concept, the TPCast adapter makes it clear that wireless consumer-grade VR, even with the accuracy of the Vive, is set in achieve, if not unavoidable. tpcast wireless adapter for htc vive review

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Building TPCAST Wireless

If you planning installing an HTC Vive engaging some wires and time expense, get ready for the next diagram detailing how everything links. It is extremely the method.



  • Transmitter
  • Receiver
  • 20100 mah Battery
  • Battery adapter
  • Router
  • Cables
    • Short 3-in-1 variant
    • Short HDMI male-to-male
    • 3 foot ethernet


  • Easy to attach and use
  • Low latency
  • Integrates well with headset


  • Battery gets very hot
  • Connection is finicky