Pimax: The World's First 8K VR Headset.. Surpasses $2 Million On Kickstarter

pimax 8k vr 3d headset

Pimax unveiled their Kickstarter campaign for the world’s first 8K VR headset to stressful positivity, striking its $200,000 target in around a day. With 44 days still continuing to be, the brand new device sits with an astonishing $2,151,417 at this time backed.pimax 8k vr 3d headset

The Pimax 8K headset is a totally unique story. People gave the Pimax 8K experiment a go at Immersed 2017, and in spite of being awkward and achieving previously taken a beating from different public demonstrations, we liked everything we watched. With a few improvements, the ultimate product may be the headset to get.

The device is visibly wider to explain its 200-degree field of view. This aims to build a natural view of the world and get rid of the smoky peripheral sight found around current produces.pimax 8k vr reddit

 FOV Comparison

The Pimax 8K headset is remarkably comfy, specifically for a prototype. The body weight definitely has an important part in offering a comfortable experience. The head strap is effective enough, but it’s lower to almost any HMD head strap, lacking possibly the OSVR HDK headsets. The Kickstarter version of the headsets will feature a mechanical strap due to a stretch goal. It’s not clear if the retail production model would additionally function the enhanced strap.

SDE Comparison

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