Logitech Is Creating A VR Keyboard That Fits With Vive Tracker

logitech vr keyboard

Logitech is dealing with creators on a program that offers keyboards into VR using HTC’s Vive Tracker.logitech vr camera

The kit includes a Logitech G gaming keyboard, an accessory that positions a Vive Tracker accurately on the keyboard, and the connected software (MSRP U.S. $150). Logitech will likely be starting 50 of these kits to select developers with the purpose of partnering to develop powerful new activities focused around a VR keyboard.The BRIDGE developers kit operates by connecting a Vive Tracker to a selected place on the Logitech G gaming keyboard.

Logitech BRIDGE in action

The personalization can vary from easy to advanced. Ever desired to modify the font on your keys? Get the font bigger? Highlight keys which work in certain app, or make the ones that don’t hidden? What about modifying the color of your keyboard or keys?

Logitech BRIDGE skins

Are you a Developer? Take a look at the Logitech Bridge SDK with Logitech staff, on their Community Forums