HTC launches buyer access of Vive Tracker & latest Tracker Accessory Bundles

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The HTC VIVE tracker bundles are arriving just in time for the holidays! htc vive tracker bundles 

HTC has released Vive Tracker bundles, starting its tracker device to regular consumers the very first time. The Vive Tracker is actually a little compatible motion tracking device that will stick to any object in reality, and works together with the HTC Vive VR headset. The tracker produces a wireless connection between your object and headset and allows the player to then utilize the object in reality, and that is quite fabulous. The tracker could be connected to a DSLR camera to create mixed reality videos.

Initially shipped to developers earlier on this year, HTC currently is selling the Tracker to users with the full confidence that anybody can figure it out and make use of it. That may be suitable, it’s not really latest version, however it does now at least state official support for a large number of VR titles and multiple accessories just like what HTC today introduced to be Hyperkin’s Hyper Blaster gun, a Racket Sports Set, and a band system from Rebuff Reality for simple body tracking.

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Hyper Blaster, Racket Sports Set and TrackStrap

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image courtesy Hyperkin


The Hyper Blaster is built-in with six different titles at publish, and Vive states it is dealing with another ten developers to integrate the gun.
The racket set works together with six titles with an additional five anticipated towards the end of the year.
If you wish to track your body — similar to dancing games for example — the TrackStrap can attach to your feet, arms, hip, or legs to allow full body VR tracking.