DOOM VFR Now Ready On Oculus Rift Because Of SteamVR Latest Update

doom vfr oculus rift

DOOM VFR happens to be available for sale on Steam a couple of hours ago, then again individuals with an Oculus Rift headset were having difficulties running the game. Fortunately, it appears as though issues have been solved. doom vfr release date

Doom VFR oculus rift

Bethesda’s Doom VRF introduced recently officially on “PSVR and Vive.” whilst SteamVR games (like Doom VFR) fundamentally assist the Rift, no matter if not clearly created for it, Bethesda’s repeated avoidance of concerns regarding Rift support managed to get unclear when the studio would take any productive actions to avoid the game from dealing with the Rift—a theory considered more inclined thinking about the important legal dispute between Oculus and Bethesda’s parent company, ZeniMax.

Added placeholder hidden area mesh for Rift users as a work around for Doom VFR and other titles experiencing launch issues.

A number of owners are reporting that the patch certainly allows the game to work properly now, as seen in the video here.

DOOM VFR delivers the collection fast-paced gameplay experience to VR, enabling players to completely immerse themselves in the game’s world.

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Getting SteamVR Beta to Play Doom VFR on Oculus Rift

The patch is now limited on the SteamVR Beta branch. The primary branch usually sees changes carry over through the Beta in a day or a couple, in case you need to play Doom VFR on your own Rift immediately you will require to move to SteamVR Beta. Here’s how:

  1. Launch Steam
  2. Browse to Library > Tools
  3. Search for ‘SteamVR’
  4. Right-click ‘SteamVR’ > Properties
  5. Click ‘Betas’ Tab > Switch beta drop-down selection to ‘beta – SteamVR Beta Update’
  6. Close Properties window, SteamVR Beta will download automatically

Have a fun with Doom VFR.