Pico Neo CV Headset Features Inside-Out Tracking, 6DoF Motion Controllers

pico neo headset

Pico Neo 6dof Technology is working to disrupt the VR industry with the very first self-contained, 6-degree of freedom (6DoF) VR headset with 6DoF motion controllers. The Pico Neo CV provides a room-scale VR experience with no external cameras or a connected host computer.

At the beginning of January, at CES 2017, Pico Technology exposed the Pico Neo CV and stated that the hardware might strike the market around the year. Pico didn’t meet its 2017 launch programs, but which might be because the business returned to the drafting board after CES and remodeled the headset, the controllers, and the tracking technology.

The Neo offers two 3.5 inch 1440×1600 LCD displays with a 90Hz refresh rate. Moreover it makes use of the Snapdragon 835 Mobile VR Platform, which is really a step up through the Snapdragon 820 CPU included in the Goblin, and packs 4GB RAM, 64GB UFS2.0 ROM and support for about 256 GB extended storage.

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Pico Technology didn’t reveal the actual release date, but people look forward to the first headsets to roll-out the door during the early 2018. Pico is telling $749 for the headset, and it’s right now accepting pre-orders from business clients, but it’s not able to accept orders from general buyers.