Tobii VR Eye Tracker is VR's Next Game Changer

tobii eye tracking vr

A special type of the HTC Vive headset having a smooth and complete eye tracking integration from Tobii Pro. This excellent alliance transforms just how research is performed and reveals new research opportunities. Tobii first displayed its technology built into the HTC Vive at GDC a year ago. But at CES, it revealed newer and more effective experiences to show the advantages of eye tracking.

To calibrate the tracking, I followed a dot around the display for a while using just my eyes. Then I was presented with a mirror that reflected my VR avatar. It tracked my head movement around, as usual, but the eyes were blank and expressionless. Then I moved on to another mirror with eye-tracking enabled. When I blinked, my avatar blinked. It’s a small thing, but it went a long way toward making the experience feel more immersive. I wasn’t constantly reminded by the limitations of expression in VR. via engadget

As VR is considered the most instant and specific complement Tobii, the company continues to be seeking to work with additional PC manufacturers to construct eye tracking into their laptops. Right now, over 100 games support the technology as well. It is possible to expect to see Tobii’s eye tracking in much slimmer laptops withing the expected couple of years.

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There are some other limited eye tracking companies around, such as Fove and QiVARI, and one called AdHawk Systems recently nabbed millions in funding from Intel. Tobii, though, is in a distinctive place. It is even private. it’s not really feisty startup. It’s a major international business with several divisions and some 900 workers. This means it has a good amount of Rs not trying to be obtained. The company’s objective is to permit its tech to any HMD manufacturer who would like to apply it.